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Covid 19 Updates


COVID-19 Policy - Kids Camp

In the interest of public safety, we have been in close contact with the Montgomery County Board of Health and continually monitor the CDC’s guidelines for best practices for running a day camp.  While there are many recent positive signs that the pandemic is winding down, many of our safety protocols from last summer will remain in place for the 2021 season.  If there are changes in guidance or camp policy, we will communicate them to all camp families as soon possible.  



All staff will be required to wear masks while inside.

Masks are optional for all campers



During regular camp hours, campers will remain in age-specific cohorts.


On Fridays, and during special events we may have multiple groups participating in the same activity.  During this time our social distancing and mask policies will be enforced, and all efforts will be made to hold any such event outdoors to ensure proper ventilation.


During before and after care, campers will be required to maintain social distancing and wear their masks unless one of the exemptions above applies.



Eating will be done outdoors as weather permits

Children/Staff will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer before meals.

Children/Staff will be required to wash hand immediately after using the bathroom.



To avoid cohorts from mixing, pickup and drop-off will occur in two locations for normal camp hours.  

For before and after care, drop-off and pick-up will be done in the camp room.



If a camper test positive for COVID-19 they will be required to stay home in Full Quarantine.  

If a camper has a “close contact” in their house hold they will be required to stay home in Full Quarantine.

Instructions will be given to that camper’s family about what steps must be taken before being allowed to return to camp.

An investigation will take place to determine who was in “close contact” with the infected/quarantined camper.

All close contacts will be placed on Modified Quarantine.  

The Modified Quarantine will enable campers to remain in camp following a low-level exposure (one-time or limited exposure, excludes household exposure) to someone with COVID-19 so long as certain guidelines are followed. 

Eligibility for Modified Quarantine is as follows:

Completely asymptomatic

Must wear mask at ALL times, except when eating/drinking.

May remove their mask when eating or drinking so long as they are at least 6 feet away from others.

May remove their masks for a break only if they can do so in an area away from others.

The individual may NOT attend special events with other cohorts outside of their own.

Camper may be asked to arrive and leave camp at a staggered time.

Individuals must undergo a symptom check prior to each departure from the home.


In the event that a family member or a camper is displaying any signs of illness including fever, aches, trouble breathing, loss of taste or smell, cough, sore throat, congestion, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea take the following steps.



2. Call the camp to let us know about the symptoms so we can monitor other campers.

3. Seek a COVID-19 test immediately to determine whether or not your camper is positive for the virus

4. Quarantine as necessary until test results are received


If a family member or close contact is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for the virus please follow the steps laid out above.  


***LEGAL NOTICE***  If a camper is sent to the Abington Club Kids Camp despite showing symptoms of illness, there is a failure to disclose symptoms during drop off, masking agents such as (but not limited to) Acetaminophen or nasal decongestants are used to hide symptoms, the camper has tested positive for COVID-19 and failed to disclose it, or a close contact positive with the COVID-19 virus is not disclosed the camper will be prohibited from returning to camp for the remainder of the summer and any remaining tuition balance will be forfeited.



In an effort to return to a bit more normalcy and provide flexibility to many of our camp families who have adults returning to the workplace, we have decided to open up “before care” (7:30am-9:00am) and “after care” (3:00pm-6:00pm) once again.  All masking, social distancing and sanitation protocols will be followed as outlined above.  While our standard camp model follows the CDC guidelines that would be considered “Lowest Risk”, our before care and after care options would be considered “More Risk” by the CDC definition (but still falls below their definitions for “Even More Risk” and “Highest Risk”).  Please keep this in mind when making the decision whether or not to utilize these services.  



All senior members of the camp staff will be vaccinated by the beginning of camp.  Due to the fact that many of our camp employees are minors, we will not be requiring them to be vaccinated in order to work this summer.  All senior counselors and lifeguards over the age of 18 will be encouraged to get vaccinated but will not be required to.


Visit our Summer Camp page for more information about the camp

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Director of the Abington Club Kids Camp
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