300 Meetinghouse Road Jenkintown, PA 19046




The Abington Club is private property and we have the right to remove anyone from the premise.
The Abington Club must adhere to strict social distancing mandates that
apply to all businesses that have been permitted to open. We ask all players
to do the same. If we do not follow these guidelines the consequences could
be severe to our great club. More importantly, these guidelines are to ensure
the safety of our employees, you and your family.
All player MUST check in inside the building at the Wet Whistle Please
remain outside the front entrance of the Wet Whistle and wait until one of our employees
signals you to come inside. Anyone entering the building must have a mask
on or you will not be permitted in the building. Once your greens fee is
paid, you will get a paid receipt that you must keep on your person at all
times. If you do not have this receipt when asked to present it, you will be
asked to leave the course immediately.
Please continue to practice social distancing while you are on the golf course
and maintain 6 feet from each other during your round.
- WALKING ONLY here will be NO CARTS allowed on the course.
- All Players MUST wear masks on the course.
- All play will begin on hole #1
- You must maintain a half a hole distance from the group in front of you.
- Please do not touch other players equipment. Golf balls included.
- Flagsticks are to remain in the holes. Do not touch or remove the flagstick.
Disclaimer: As in the case with any public or other facility outside of the
home, use of the golf course and limited facilities at The Abington Club
may expose you to the COVID-19 Virus. Your decision to access the
facilities is made knowingly and voluntarily by you with the full knowledge
of this risk. If you disagree, do not come to The Abington Club. Otherwise,
your play on the course and access to the limited facilities shall constitute
as a waiver, and will release The Abington Club from any and all liability
with respect to exposure to the COVID-19 Virus.


Challenge yourself & kick back and enjoy!
Nestled in the heart of Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, The Abington Club Golf Course offers picturesque views and an unforgettable playing experience to golfers of all ages and levels.  Our 9-Hole course is designed to be challenging and fun at the same time.  We have red, white, and blue tees with distances ranging from 1800 yards to over 2200.  Our signature Hole # 6 is noted to be one of the first island greens ever developed in the United States.  Although the hole is only 156 yards, there is usually a breeze present making play 10 to 15 yards longer.

For more information, please call our front desk at 215-885-0734 x 0