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Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Camp Dates and Hours

We are excited to announce camp is scheduled to open on time and run from June 21 - August 27. Camp hours are 8:45AM-3PM.


Facility Changes

Due to the uncertainty of our public health status this summer, we are carrying over our vision to hold as much of camp outdoors as possible.  Handwashing stations will be located around the club and outdoor grounds to provide ample opportunity for campers to wash up.  As we get closer to camp, we will finalize our COVID safety plan based on the latest data and recommendations.  Our directors and nursing staff will consult with our state and county health boards before putting our protocols in place.  The final procedures will be communicated to all parents a few weeks prior to camp opening.  Feel free to contact Pat Travers or Tara Priore by Email for the latest updates. 



We will continue to maintain a high standard of sanitation and hygiene at camp this summer.  All eating surfaces will be wiped down after a group is done with lunch or snack, and bathrooms will be sanitized throughout the day.  Counselors in Training will not be asked to sanitize stations.  

Rainy Days - Camp will be held indoors on a rainy day or if temperatures are too high.

Updated Policies for Masks During These Activities:

  • Indoor activities
  • Arts and Crafts (will now be moved indoors so children are in air conditioning)
  • Anytime a camper is outdoors and unable to effectively distance (such as walking to the next activity)

Exceptions to the Order:

  • Any indoor activity physical activity that is sport oriented such as karate, yoga, zumba, pillow hockey, soccer etc.
  • Swimming in the indoor or outdoor pool
  • Lunch and snack time
  • Any camper with a medical condition that will hinder or put themselves at risk during their time at camp. Parents need to email stating their camper name, medical condition (you do not need to list the specific condition) and that they are unable to wear a mask due to this condition. No doctor note is required.
Physician's note - Campers will not need an extra physician's note to attend camp unless that camper has an underlying condition that affects their immune system. These conditions are asthma, diabetes, sickle cell anemia, cancer, lupus or any other condition that would affect your immune system. The note should state that the camper is healthy and able to attend camp with no complications or greater chance for infection based on the physician's opinion.
Medical Forms - All online medical forms must be completed for 2021. Medical forms dated no later than June 2019 will be accepted.

Monitoring Camper and Staff Health
Our summer camp will have a registered nurse on the property.  She has various backgrounds including hospital experience, school nurse experience, as well as other clinical care centers.  ALL Staff & ALL CAMPERS will have a health assessment where their temperature will be taken and each person will be monitored for signs of Covid-19 once they arrive.  Anyone who has one or more symptoms will not be allowed entry to camp.  These symptoms are fever, persistent cough, and shortness of breath, experiencing lack of smell and/or taste, GI distress, or any other symptom of Covid-19.  Campers and staff will be asked to stay home from camp for the duration of their symptoms. The cutoff for fever will be 100.4f.  Staff and campers will not be allowed to return to camp unless they have a doctor's note stating they are Covid-free. The camp health professionals will make all medical decisions.  


***If the Abington Club determines that a camper was given medicine to mask symptoms prior to arrival, that they traveled to a part of the country that required quarantine upon return and failed to do so, or engages in any other deceitful actions that puts the safety or our camp families at risk, he or she will not be allowed back to camp and they will forfeit all tuition*** 

Suspected Covid Case - The person will be separated from the camp and will wait in the nurse’s office. The person that is suspected of Covid-19 will be asked to stay home and receive a test (parents/ staff must pay for). If those results come back positive then that person must stay home until they are allowed to return to camp via a physician's orders. Campers may decide to forgo the Covid test, but they will not be allowed to return to camp for 14 days and must have a Physician's note stating they can return to camp. All families will be informed as soon as possible if their camper has been in contact with a person who has been proven (lab test) to have the virus.
Medication - The nurse will administer medication to your child only according to written directions. We will not administer any medication without written instructions or verbal consent. We strongly encourage parents of children with serious health concerns such as severe allergies leading to anaphylactic shock, severe asthma, seizure disorders and diabetes, etc., to have proper identification on the camper (i.e. Medic-Alert bracelet) at all times. Campers with serious allergies are required to send in medications with the camp director. We need a Doctor’s permission note to give out any medication. Counselors will carry medication on them and will receive training to administer in case of emergency.

Food Allergies - If your child has a food allergy, please be sure to indicate this on the registration form and take proper precautions including educating your child about his or her allergies. All children with documented food allergies will have their lunches kept in a separate refrigerator to avoid possible contamination. All of our staff are made aware of which campers have allergies, and are trained to recognize the symptoms of anaphylaxis.

Reporting Illnesses and Absences Due to Illness

The Abington Club should be notified if a child is ill. Please call the camp director’s office at 215-885-0734 x113 or Email before 9:00AM. Children with fevers will not be admitted to the program. Parents will be notified if the child becomes sick during the day and will be expected to come for the child immediately. Please do not bring your child back until he/she is fully recovered.

Staff Clearances - All of our staff are required to obtain first aid and CPR certification, criminal clearance check, child abuse history clearance and fingerprinting. They also must watch and complete the online child abuse workshop and receive training on medical emergencies. We have three lifeguards staffed at the outdoor pool and two staffed at the indoor pool at all times. Our counselor staff uniform includes a camp T-shirt that makes it easy for both campers and parents to identify who the counselors are at camp.
Water Safety - All Lifeguards adhere to the same staff training requirements including first aid and CPR certification, criminal clearance check and child abuse history clearance. Two lifeguards are required at our outdoor facility and two in the indoor facility. Each camper will have a swim test on their first day of camp used to determine swimming ability. Swimmers who do not take the swim test will be automatically designated as non-swimmers. Swimmers will be given a band to be worn at all times in the pool that clearly marks swimming ability. Parents must provide the proper Personal Floatation Device (PDF) for their child that is USCG approved. The Abington Club recommends the Puddle Jumper™ for children who weigh between 30 and 50 pounds. The inherently-buoyant flotation bands that go around the upper arms and across the chest are designed to provide stability while also allowing arm movement. That combination helps to build confidence because its unrestrictive design permits a comfort level and a range of movement that is unusual in PFDs. Children will be able to swim with a buddy during pool time but will social distance with other children in the group.
Heat Protection - We have frequent water breaks built into our schedule, and all of our staff model proper sun safety for our campers. Our counselors will supervise application of sunscreen and will ensure that campers drink water frequently.
Lice - Campers who have signs of head lice (itching, head irritation, etc.) will be removed from their group and escorted to the camp office. If we believe there is a possibility of head lice, we will ask the family to pick their camper up from camp. In order to return to camp, a camper must have had all active lice removed from his or her hair and no longer show any signs of infestation, itching or irritation.

Potty Training - All campers are expected to be fully potty-trained by their first day of camp. We ask that families provide an extra set of clothes with campers, if a camper has a history of accidents.

Discipline - The Abington Club Staff uses the positive techniques of guidance, including logical or natural consequences applied in problem situations, redirection of children to more acceptable behavior, anticipation of and elimination of potential problems and encouragement of appropriate behavior rather than comparison, competition or criticism. Consistent and clear rules are established. Staff members encourage children to solve problems rather than imposing solutions and help children to recognize and respect one another’s feelings. Counselors encourage pro-social behavior such as cooperation, helping, taking turns and constructive verbal communication to solve problems. The goal is to help children internalize rules and become self-directed in their behavior.

The Abington Club reserves the right to dismiss a child for consistent behavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after parent/staff discussion has occurred.

Code of Behavior - We maintain an environment of mutual respect for all campers and staff. We have a policy of no foul language, including no rude/offensive t-shirts, and we do not tolerate bullying of any kind. We believe the best way to avoid inappropriate behavior is to plan an engaging program that keeps our campers so busy they have no time to act out. We also make our expectations clear from the start so that campers know what is acceptable. However, we have a policy in place for any problems that should arise:

1st Offense: Camp rules are reviewed with the camper.
2nd Offense: Time out from activity.
3rd Offense: Call to parents.

We will make every effort to help every child to have a successful time at camp. However, if, in the opinion of the director, a child presents a serious risk to him/herself and/or others, he or she will be asked not to return to camp.

Electronics - The Abington Club Day Camp strives to provide a program free from video games, cell phones, audio players and other distractions during ALL camp hours from 8:45 AM – 3:00 PM. No electronics are to be used during camp hours.
  1. Archery
  2. Badminton
  3. Bocce
  4. Chair Ball
  5. Croquet
  6. Footgolf
  7. Giant Bowling
  8. Golf Driving Range
  9. Gymnastics
  10. Home Run Derby
  11. Horse
  12. Jump rope
  13. Karate
  14. Kite Flying
  15. Mini Golf
  16. Nukem 1v1
  17. Soccer Shootouts
  18. Swimming 
  19. Tennis
  20. Yoga
  1. Agility course
  2. Charades
  3. Eye spy
  4. Floor is lava
  5. Follow the leader (movement game)
  6. Freeze dance
  7. Movies
  8. Obstacle course 
  9. Paper airplane toss
  10. Pictionary
  11. Rock paper scissors
  12. Simon says
  13. Story time for little kids
  14. Tape Maze
  15. Tic-Tac-Toe (Counselor controls marking the board)